A field trip to Astro Camp will be the highlight of the year for your students!


2017-2018 Field Trip Reservations

Reservations can be made by phone or email
Registration for ALL Schools Opens August 16

You don’t have to wait until summer to take advantage of what Astro Camp has to offer! Field trips are available for kindergarten-sixth grade. Choose classes from the Science Center, or experience a simulated space mission, where your students assume the roles of astronauts and mission control operatives! Reservations will be taken as long as there are openings, and then we’ll start a waiting list. Call today to schedule a field trip for your class!

Field trip costs range from $20-$100 per class, depending on the option you choose. Exact cost will be given when you register and choose the activity for your class.

Two classes from the same school may come on the same day. Each class will be charged separately for the field trip. Transportation to and from our facility must be arranged by the teacher.


Choose one class from Group A. Your second class may be chosen from either list. Included in the Science Center is a visit from Super A, a super-genius scientist and distant cousin to The Professor.

This field trip is typically two hours for K-2, three hours for 3-6 grades. If your time goes beyond 12:00, arrange for sack lunches on the day of your field trip, and add 30 minutes for a lunch break.

All Astro Camp classes are designed to align with the Utah Science Core Curriculum. We have several classes for each grade, K-6. To find out which classes best align with the subjects you are teaching in your classrooms, click here:

Class Choices

Group A


Earth, Sun, and Moon





Weather A (Seasons and types of weather)

Weather B (Water cycle and weather predicting)

Work and Machines

Principles of Flight

Group B


Astronomy and the solar system

Electricity A (static and current electricity)

Electricity B (circuits)

Fossils and Dinosaurs

Light and Lenses

Newton’s Laws and Newton Chair

Rocks A (classification and rock cycle)

Rocks B (rocks and minerals)


Utah Animals and Environments




Students assume the role of astronauts, mission control and operations specialists for a 75 minute shuttle launch mission simulation. They will also participate in astronaut training exercises.

Must have 24-31 participants which can include adults.

(Super A is not available for shuttle mission simulations, and no other classes)

This field trip is 4.5 hours, including a lunch break.

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Physical address: 375 Goddard St. Ogden, Ut 84401

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Fax: 801-737-8512

Physical address: 375 Goddard St. Ogden, Ut 84401

Mailing address: 1950 Monroe Blvd. Ogden, UT 84401